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EVENTS - What/Where/When

These are the planned events.  They will be updated as events become more definite.  Please let us know if you have suggestions of your own!
Send your suggestions and comments to or to submit a form click here

Friday July 4, 2003

3 p.m. - Barbecue at beautiful Hills Park.  Bring the kids!!  There is a new playground and plenty of hills to climb.
  • Since everyone doesn't like roasted hog, this will be an Open Grill.
  • A large grill will be provided, flamin' hot!
  • Bring your own meat or veggies or whatever you want to grill.
  • Bring your own BEVERAGES.
  • No glass bottles please.
  • Camp out in the park.  We are reserving spots!!  Bring a tent or sleep in the car, the choices are endless!

Saturday July 5, 2003

Golf at the country club for those that are interested. (Click here for more details)
Meet at the shooting range for target practice. (Click here for more details)
More suggestions welcome!!
6pm - Dinner at Kinbrae South (old Iron Horse)
  • Choice of three dinners. (choices posted soon)
  • Banquet room
  • Cash bar
Afterwards is open.  Stay out late, or head home.
Times may change as activities become more definite.  We will send more information to your address so please make sure we have it.

Please submit a form to let us know you are coming!