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Send your photos!

Film Roll

We would like to put together  a slide show or memory book with all kinds of photographs from throughout our history together.  Please send us any photographs of you and your classmates from childhood through high school and the present.

Send via email:

Send your photos in .jpg format please.
Send the photos to 
Please include a description and anything you want to say about the photos.
If the file size is going to exceed 4 MB, send an email telling us and we will make other arrangements for you to send them.

Send via regular mail:

Right now we aren't sure where we want these sent.  So please send an email to and let us know you want to send some pictures via regular mail.  We will let you know the address where you can send them.
Please include a description of the photos (who is in them) and any other information you would like. 
Also, be sure to include a return address so that we can send them back to you!

We look forward to getting your photos!